Have you ever wondered what Tech Packs are? 
I get these questions a lot from my first-time clients. Of course, every designer makes their Tech Packs differently but the essential content stays the same. 
If you are looking to work with another freelancer or me, here is the must-have list of what your tech pack should include:

🥞 Tech Packs Checklist  🥞 

✅ Technical Sketches / Spec drawings 
✅ BOM (Bill of materials) 
✅ Graded Spec
✅ Colourway Spec 
✅ Artwork Spec 
✅ Pages for proto /fit/ sample comments

 ✅ Tech Packs
Think of this as your cookbook. Without it, your factory or seamstress won’t know where to start. 
In my opinion, the best tech packs have lots of information and visuals, photos or call-outs of specification drawings. If you need to ask should this be in a Tech Pack definitely include it.  

Think of this as the flour for your recipe. Without it you can’t make any pancakes 
There are lots of different words for Technical Drawings/ Specs: Flat, Flat Sketch, Fashion Flat. They’re usually 2D black and white illustrations of the garment that include design details such as stitching, trims etc. 
Standard technical drawings will have a front side and backside of the garment. Pieces with extra details may also have a side view.
There are so many ways to call these 2D vector drawings: Technical Drawings/ Specs Flat, Flat Sketch, Fashion Flat. 

BOM - Bill of Material 
This is your list of ingredients for the perfect recipe. In other words, it’s a master list of every physical item needed to make the garment from fabric to packaging. 
 Yes, it’s just an excel spreadsheet but it helps to show who is providing what materials in order to manufacture the garment. It’s the ultimate checklist. 
I remember when I first heard of this term - I was confused too. 

One size doesn’t fit all, so here you will find your size range for your collection. Also, I like to include POM (Point of measurement) illustration. 
This one is pretty simple. It's your ultimate size chart. It can be in sizes XS-XXL/ EU 34-44/ UK 4-20, US 0-16. Sizes are not limited to these, they are just the most standard. It may look scary but you don’t have to make it most of the time. The factory offers it as a service you just need your standard measurements. POM just shows from what point you start and finish the measurement. 

I personally don’t offer this service as I believe Tech Designers are more qualified for the job. I always advise my clients to ask if grading is offered by the factory. If not, I know some amazing freelancers who can help with this part. 
This may look scary but don’t worry. Grading is the last part of garment development once the sample is approved. 

Colourways are exactly what the world says. If we compare to cooking it would be how to make this recipe with blueberries, bananas or strawberries. The artwork is an additional part if your garments have original artwork with complex details. 
Your Tech Pack could have as many Colourways as you want as long as you have talked to the factory about it and you keep the design the same. Also, you can include Pantone codes or lab dips to specify the colour.  If you are changing Desing even one detail, I would suggest making a new tech pack in order to avoid mistakes and confusion. 

Let’s do a quick summary on TECH PACKS 
A tech pack is like your cookbook with your favourite recipe in it and detailed instructions of how to make it. 
🥞Technical Sketches / Spec drawings - "Photos" of your end result 
🥞BOM (Bill of Materials)- Shopping List 
🥞Graded Spec & Point of measurements  - Vegetarian, Vegan and, gluten-free options (​
🥞Colourway Spec/ Artwork Spec  - Different toppings like strawberries or Blueberries 
🥞Extra pages for Proto reviews and comments - it’s good to keep them in one place
Tech Packs are constantly changing documents and are updated multiple times. This is one of the most important documents to have ready for factories to take you seriously. 
Why are Tech Packs important? 

🥞It can help to get an estimated cost of the garment
🥞Saves time and Money
🥞Improve fit quality 
🥞It’s easy to replicate similar garments based on the same tech pack 
Would you bake a cake without any recipe? Not really
So why would you risk making a garment without a plan and instructions? 
Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for help with your tech pack by emailing to or using my contact form. 
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