I am a sustainable fashion designer. From a young age I knew that the fashion industry is the right place for me. This is me working hard, dreaming big and being ambitious to make this dream come true. 

I have industry experience working for brands like River Island and Mareunrols. The first year after graduation was probably the hardest so I took every opportunity that was offered. I  worked for Selfridge’s and dipped my toes into my first freelance job. Then we all know what happened in 2020 and I lost all my graduate job offers and took a chance working for a small start-up as an assistant for fashion design and production.

I bring the full package to the table. I am very quick in learning new programs, adapting to unusual situations and problem-solving. I believe that there is never a job that’s too small or too complicated - for me everything is doable. I’m not afraid to own up to my mistakes, learn from constructive feedback and provide my own ideas. I am always looking to learn more and improve myself.

I am currently seeking any freelance, in-house fashion design or production roles to work with a company that has the same values as me.
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